What are the bad side effects of breast implants?

Breast augmentation, like any operation, comes with its own set of medical risks. Patients may encounter negative effects from the implants or medications used during surgery or post-operative care, as well as hazards associated with the procedure itself.


Saline implant rupture and deflation: When a saline implant ruptures, the saline is absorbed by the body because it precisely matches the electrolyte balance of the body. However, as saline flows out, the implant may collapse.

Implants packed with silicone gel “silently rupture”: Silicone implants are now engineered to catch any stray silicone. A rupture, on the other hand, is extremely unlikely to induce symptoms in patients. In fact, the majority of patients will undergo a “silent rupture,” in which no symptoms are present.

“Capular contracture,” in which scar tissue grows around the implant and exerts pressure on it, can cause pain. It could also be caused by nerve injury or muscle abnormalities. In certain circumstances, the pain is idiopathic, which means it has no known explanation. These aren’t very common occurrences.

Breast-feeding issues: Many ladies are able to breast-feed successfully following augmentation. However, implant surgery can sometimes make breast-feeding difficult.

Additional procedures may be necessary to address issues such as scar tissue or rupture. The implants may need to be removed surgically in some circumstances.


Aside from the hazards of the implants themselves, the procedure to place them can be risky – as can any surgery. These are some of them:

Anesthesia, medicine, or other chemicals cause adverse effects. It’s critical to inform your doctor about any allergies you have and any medications you’re taking so that the surgical team can avoid utilizing medications that may interact negatively with your existing prescriptions and exposing you to allergens.

Scarring or issues with wound healing are both possible outcomes. Although just 1% of breast augmentation patients dislike their scars, hazards can exist when incisions are made, according to one study.

Blood clots, hematomas, and other problems can occur after surgery. To reduce the chance of these issues, strictly follow your doctor’s instructions.

Infection risk is increased. Despite hospitals’ best efforts to maintain operating and recovery rooms as clean and sterile as possible, procedures can raise the risk of germ invasion and infection.

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Complications of Implants

A list of local problems and unfavorable outcomes that occur in at least 1% of breast implant patients at any one time is provided below. To address any of these, you may need nonsurgical therapies or more procedures, and you should discuss any complications and treatment options with your doctor. These complications are presented alphabetically rather than by frequency of occurrence.

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