How can you tell if someone has breast implants?

This is a little humiliating, but I’d like to know how to spot a boob job. My buddies believe they can tell a real one from a fake one a mile away, but I’m not so sure. Are there any technical hints we should be aware of? We’re not aesthetic surgeons, but we done some study on breast augmentation surgery and believe we can help with this one. Although most of this material is intuitive, we’ve attempted to approach it as scientifically as possible.

We’ll keep this conversation in good taste by limiting it to observations you can make on a fully dressed lady, rather than discussing how you can know by touching them or from anything you can see on a naked breast, such as scars.


While size alone cannot determine whether or not breasts have been boosted, it is an essential issue to consider. Examine whether a woman’s breasts appear to be disproportionate to her physique. Consider the remainder of the visual signals stated below if they appear to be false and you want to know if they’re real.


Is it possible that the shape is too perfect? If that’s the case, they’re probably false, as most natural breasts aren’t perfect orbs. Furthermore, natural and artificial breasts are not similar, therefore if they appear to be identical twins, they may be artificial. Look for an overabundance of roundness rather than a more relaxed pear-like form. From top to bottom, natural breasts have a natural sliding curve line. They progressively descend. When viewed from top to bottom, implants have a considerably higher arc. Another indicator is firmness; enlarged breasts can resemble solid muscle.


Look at how her breasts are positioned vertically on her chest. Breasts are found at roughly armpit height in nature. Implants are frequently positioned too high in the chest. If she isn’t wearing a bra, this is quite evident. Look at the distance between the breasts for horizontal positioning. They could be phony if they’re more than a fist’s width apart. The implants may not be spaced near enough together if the surgeon did not scrape the pectoral tendons sufficiently.


Breasts are mainly fat, which gives them a bounce; implants don’t move in the same manner. Look at how her breasts move (or don’t move) when she stretches or reaches back. If they don’t flatten out and keep the same size, they’re most likely false. Examine how they react to her movements, especially when she moves and swings her arms. Keep an eye on them when she bends over; if they’re real, you should see them fall. If you’re gazing at someone laying down at the beach, pool, or somewhere else, look to see if her breasts fall to the side naturally or if they stand up unnaturally.

Other Visual Indicators

You might be able to see some more visual indications like the shape and location of her nipples depending on what she’s wearing. A poor boob job could cause them to be too high, too low, or not point in the same way. Stretch marks, which are a possible side effect of the procedure, might also be visible. (Stretch marks can, of course, appear as a result of weight increase or decrease.)

Take the Test

Do you think you’ve figured it out? Then take this Augmentation Mammoplasty online quiz. You must determine whether 30 pairs of breasts are natural or enhanced. Best of luck!

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