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Breast Implant Recovery

While breast augmentation is an outpatient surgery lasting 1-2 hours, most women will still require between 3 and 7 days of narcotic pain medication. For this reason, it is important to have help at home during the first few days of recovery, because driving on pain medications, as well as lifting in excess of 10 pounds, is not recommended during this immediate postoperative period.

When a woman wakes up from breast augmentation surgery, she will be moved to a recovery room staffed by experienced nurses. Once fully awake, she will notice that she is wearing a surgical bra provided by the surgery center. The incisions, which are on average less than 2 inches long, will be closed using dissolvable sutures hidden under the skin, and sealed with surgical skin glue and surgical paper tape. Because of this tight seal, it is perfectly safe to shower 48 hours after surgery, and at that point the patent can change out of the surgical bra into a sports bra if she wishes.

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If the incision is around the areola, then underwire bras are okay to wear immediately. If the incision is under the breast, it is best to avoid any bras that apply pressure on the incision for about 6 weeks. This includes underwire bras, although sports bras that have tight or firm bands at their base should be avoided as well. In most cases, there will be swelling for up to 4 months, although most of this swelling will resolve by 6 weeks. After 6 weeks, it makes sense to start buying new bras.

During the initial 4-6 weeks of recovery after breast augmentation, it is best to avoid heavy lifting or strenuous physical activity, depending on the specific operation that was performed. However, patients are encouraged to start walking as soon as possible, immediately after their surgery. It is best to wear a bra at all times for the first 6 weeks. Side sleeping in a bra is safe after 2 to 3 weeks, while stomach sleeping is not recommended until 6 weeks after the surgery.

Breast Enhancement and Feeling In The Nipple

During the immediate postoperative recovery (weeks to months), there may be some changes in nipple sensation. Sometimes the feeling is diminished, while in other instances there may be some hypersensitivity. Temporary changes in nipple sensation can happen regardless of whether the incision is around the areola or underneath the breast. Close to one year postop, the feeling goes back to normal. Thus, overall the operation does not cause significant changes in nipple sensation. It is important to point out that the scar itself may be permanently numb, as is the case with any scar on the body.

Capsular Contracture

For women considering breast implants in Tacoma, it is important to discuss potential long-term complications of this surgery. One of the more common long-term problems with breast implants is a phenomenon called capsular contracture, which is a process where the normal soft and healthy capsule created by the body around the implant, becomes firm and tight, leading to distortion of the breast shape as well as physical discomfort. With improvements in the quality of modern breast implants, as well as more sophisticated modern surgical techniques, the overall incidence of capsular contracture has significantly diminished. However, the problem has not been eliminated entirely, primarily because its exact causes are still not fully understood. Although implant massage for anyone with breast implants, done twice a day, is recommended by most plastic surgeons as a preventive measure, no medication or any other measure has ever been shown to help lower the risk of capsular contracture. Once it occurs, the only solution to the problem is addition surgery to remove the thickened capsule and to replace the implant. Capsular contracture remains one of the top causes for a woman who has breast implants to go back for a revisional procedure

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